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I started this personal project in 2019 as a way to raise awareness about the work done by Florida Wildlife Corridor to preserve this state's last stretch of connected natural habitat.  With more than 1000 people moving to Florida every day, mass development is threatening the wildlife that makes this state so unique, and the resources our residents depend on.  With the critically endangered Florida Panther acting as this movement's mascot, protecting this corridor is the last hope for preserving all of Florida's wildlife, our heritage, and our human residents' longevity for generations to come.

There is more to come from this project, so stay tuned!

But for now, check out the hashtag #InkingWildFlorida on Instagram to read more about each species.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Poster_final_V
Wild FL ALL 12x18.png
Wild FL Aves 12x18.png
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