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Sea turtles, similar to migrating birds, travel incredible distances across our oceans.  They inhabit every tropical habitat, migrate through our open oceans, dive into the deep sea, and nest on every continent except for Antarctica.  Because of this, many view them as a species that connects our planet, and I created this series to represent that idea.

I wanted to show the human connection that sea turtles yield us by incorporating an element that ties all of us to the earth - fruits!  Each of the seven species of sea turtles was painted as a hatchling emerging from a fruit native to the location it represents.  I also created a world map that shows all the nesting sites sea turtles have around the world.  My hope is that this series helps others view our planet as a bigger picture, and to explore the cultures we might never think about.  And what better way to do this than through the eyes of a sea turtle?

sea turtle olive ridley3.png
sea turtle loggerhead3.png
sea turtle leatherback3.png
sea turtle kemps ridley3.png
sea turtle hawksbill3.png
sea turtle green3.png
sea turtle flatback3.png

The map below represents all sea turtle nesting sites throughout the world:

digital world map.png
Sea Turtle Fruit poster-11.7x16.5_final2
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