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This 48'x12' mural was commissioned by the Pelican Island Audubon Society in 2016 to depict three habitats that make up their local conservation area in Vero Beach, Florida: the Pineland Scrubs, Oak Hammock, and Coastal Wetlands.  An extensive amount of research was required for this project, including mapping out the location and behavior of each species to represent a natural setting found on the trails, and consulting area experts to simplify these habitats to 70 species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.  Designed to help staff host nature trail tours, naturalist talks, and classroom visits for kids, this mural provides an educational template for the incredible diversity found in this small area, and will hopefully inspire visitors to discover a newfound appreciation for their surroundings.

Check out the hashtag #AudubonHouseMural on Instagram to see the process!

And a short video describing the purpose of this vast project on YouTube.

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