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Deanna Derosia is an illustrator and biologist born and raised in the sunny Treasure Coast of Florida.  Growing up next door to nesting sea turtles, strolling alligators, and bright pink spoonbills ignited her curiosity for the natural world, and inspired her to preserve unique habitats like Florida’s for generations to come.  She founded her business Sealacanth Studios to now help others explore our natural world, discover its oddities, and learn about their own next door critters through

the storytelling quality of art.

behind the logo

"Sealacanth" is a play on words for the first animal that inspired Deanna to study biology - the Coelacanth.  This living fossil was once assumed to be the "missing link" between sea and land dwellers, and in the same sense, Sealacanth Studios strives to be a much needed link between science and art.  The coelacanth also reminds us that even though extinction is a possibility, we don't know all the things nature hides from us. There's always potential to reverse the harm we've done if we still have hope.

Press + Publications

2021 - Liveview Oak Unveils New Mural Celebrating Florida Wildlife Corridor

2020 - MarineBio.Life podcast

2020 - TCPalm

2019 - USCS Science Notes, Author Tom Garlinghouse, Turning the Tide: Revitalizing Elkhorn Slough

2017Vero Beach Portfolio Magazine 

2016 - D. DEROSIA, N. HO, A. L.F.C. HO, J. LIN. Morphological identification of hybrid offspring between seahorse species Hippocampus erectus and H. reidi.


US Fish and Wildlife Service

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Path of the Panther

Florida Native Plant Society

Smithsonian Marine Station

FIT Vero Beach Marine Lab

Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex

Coastal Connections, Inc.

Pelican Island Audubon Society

Indian River County Stormwater Division

Research Background + Affiliations

present - 2023MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Associate Graphic Artist

present - 2023 - Native Plant Trust - Member

present - 2021 - Florida Native Plant Society - Member

2023 - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation - OPS Biologist III

2022 - 2015 - Ecological Associates, Inc. - Sea Turtle Field Technician

2020 - 2019 - Ink Dwell - Mural / Studio Assistant

2019 - 2017 - Coastal Connections, Inc. - Graphic Artist / Social Media

2017 - 2014 - FIT Vero Beach Marine Lab - Research Assistant / Outreach

2014 - Smithsonian Marine Ecology Lab - Research Assistant

2014 - FSU Behavioral + Circadian Rhythm - Lab Technician

2013 - 2010 - FSU Evolutionary Biology - Research Assistant

Galleries + Festivals

2023 - "Tarot" at Gallery-O-Rama, San Francisco, CA

2023 - "Tiny" at Two Cats Gallery, El Cerrito, CA

2022 - Space Coast Mural Fest, Cocoa Beach, FL

2019 - "Illustrating Nature" at the Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove, CA

2017 - Walking Tree Winter Bazaar, Vero Beach, FL

2017 - Sebastian Lionfish Fest, Vero Beach, FL


2019 - Graduate certificate in Scientific Illustration from California State University of Monterey Bay

2013 - B.S. in Biological Sciences, and B.A. in Studio Art (i.p.) from Florida State University

- Minor in Art History

- Minor in Chemistry


For commission inquiries or other questions, please contact me at my email below, or through the Contact tab.






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